Stars in the room

Door — 06

He was a little miffed. But, not for long. I shut the bulb, and the light show began in the tree house.

We both were so looking forward to this trip. When you meet once in a few months, you just want to disconnect from the world, and want to stay with each other. And the tree house was just perfect. Amidst the wild, zero internet and zero distractions.

So, before heading for the dinner I asked Shom, if we can leave the curtains open. “Why not, I love moths”. I laughed at it and asked him to stop over-reacting. He switched the light off before leaving, and I quickly turned around and switched it back on.

After two hours, we returned to the treehouse. I had taken a chance, hoping for something to happen. Obviously there were moths around, so we had to rush to the bed and seal the net.

He was a little miffed. But, not for long. I shut the bulb, and the light show began in the tree house. Right before the monsoon, it’s the breeding season for fireflies, and our room was filled with them. They were like stars twinkling all around us. We both felt like monkeys, looking up in awe and trying to catch them in a bottle. After all this circus, when we were tired, we just lied down watching them, as I played our favourite coldplay song - sky full of stars.

A memory, good enough to keep us going for another couple of months, till we see each other again. Next morning we woke up to the waterfall, taking in all the beauty, breathing slow hugging each other, before packing up and heading to the airport, to fly out to our cities.

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