Watch the falls even as you savour your food
Your taste buds awaken to exotic flavours. Watch the falls even as you savour your food.
The alfresco restaurant, Charcoal at Rainforest

At Foliage, the alfresco restaurant at Rainforest, dining is an experience to be savoured. The menu is tailored to your needs and you can even try some unusual, native delicacies. The Restaurant's other speciality is scrumptious continental fare.

The restaurant opens out to the lawns, which have a panoramic view of the waterfalls. Every mouthful is accompanied by the song of the falls and the wind whispering in the trees. There's nothing quite like a dinner in moonlight; try it on the lawns at the Rainforest for an experience you will never forget. Sit out on the lawn, sip your favourite beverage and get munching, even as the night plays out around you.

It's the perfect setting for romantic dinners: the muted roar of the falls adds to the allure of the starry sky and the feeling of being by yourselves in the vast wilderness. Taste every mouthful and every moment as time unravels in slow motion.