The magical, cleansing spray of the Athirapally waterfalls
The spray from the falls envelops you. And there’s joy in your heart.
The mighty Athirappally falls

Trek right down to the base of the mighty Athirapally falls. Nothing refreshes the mind as much as standing at the foot of the falls and being enveloped in the magical, cleansing spray. Just close your eyes and feel the blessings spray down on you; when you open your eyes again, you feel like a new person.

You can even take a picnic hamper with you down to the base. Tucking into your lunch seems so much more fulfilling with the roar of the waterfall and a gurgling stream for company. It's also a delight to see people young and old share in the joy of just being at the waterfall. It's also a wholesome family experience; at the falls, bonding with the family takes place at a deeper level.

You have just seen the 'Niagara of Kerala' but your heart yearns for more. If you are up to working up a sweat, check out the Charpa falls that are just 2km away. Though less known, the Charpa falls is no less alluring; it tumbles and plunges right onto the road during the monsoons. Haven't had your fill of waterfalls? Head to Vazhachal, 5km away. Situated amid dense forest and herb plantations, the scenic wonder of the place is sure to thrill your heart.