Tribal food of the Sholayar range
Go back to a simpler era. Spend a day with the tribesmen of the Sholayar.
Tribal homes of the Sholayar range

There was a time when living meant satisfying the barest of needs in the simplest manner possible. The tribesmen of the Sholayar range still live much of their lives in this simplified manner. Four different tribes co-exist peacefully here: the Kadar, the Malayar, the Muthuvar and the Mannaan. Most of the tribal people subsist on activities like hunting, fishing and collecting honey and medicinal plants from the jungle.

Their lifestyles hearken back to a bygone era and they are extremely hospitable. You can come face to face with them for a while, taking in their way of life. The Rainforest resort can also arrange a visit to the tribal colony subject to prior permission from the forest department. The tribesmen will also cook you meals their way. The bamboo puttu, steamed in the hollow of a bamboo, is a must-try. Expert fishermen, these tribesmen will also readily prepare indigenous delicacies from fish freshly caught by them.

Living as one among the tribal people is a splendid back-to-nature experience. It's life at its simplest best. No cell phones, no TVs, no technology to take away from your one-on-one interaction with Mother Nature. Your experience is enriched by the presence of knowledgeable guides, who are picked from among the tribal people.