Spot rare animals at the Sholayar forest
Spot rare birds. Or wolves, leopards and a deer or two. Let your children experience Nature up close.
Elephant herd at the Sholayar range of virgin rainforest

A well-preserved tropical rainforest is in itself an uncommon sight; spotting the exotic animals and birds that make the forest their home is rarer still. You can see all that and the added beauty of a thundering waterfall at Athirapally. The Rainforest boutique resort is situated in the Sholayar range of virgin rainforest. That is why conservation is high on our priority list and we ensure that we are up to date with eco-friendly practices.

Man has yet to set foot in much of this protected forest; so what you experience here is nature at her purest. On a guided jungle trek (subject to approval of the Forest Department), you come face to face with some exquisite and endangered plants and trees. The experienced native guides share their knowledge of the rainforest with you, helping you understand the world around you better.You may even find a rich diversity of animal life including mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, fish, insects and butterflies. There are over a thousand species of wildlife in this tropical rainforest like the malabar pied hornbill, gaur, malabar giant squirrel, sloth bear, bonnet macaque, wild boar, sambar, Indian leopard, elephant and the lion-tailed macaque. The guides are experts at picking up the trails of these animals so that you get an up-and-close experience. Keep your cameras ready.

It is indeed a unique experience to step into such a pristine landscape; much of the forest has been untouched for centuries. Besides, the Parambikulam Forest Reserve is easily accessible from Athirapally, via adventure-filled routes. Incidentally, these are also the shortest ways to get to the reserve. The Rainforest resort arranges on-demand guided trips to get there.