Misty Athirapally waterfalls in monsoon
A boutique hotel set in 7 acres of virgin rainforest
Verdant, virgin woods. Rumbling waterfalls. And the indulgent warmth of luxury.
Misty Athirapally waterfalls in monsoon

Does silence roar? Or does it twitter? Perhaps both. Welcome to the Rainforest boutique resort, tucked right into the lap of nature. Shrug off the city along with your coat and just soak in the misty sprays of the cascading Athirapally waterfalls at Chalakudy, Kerala. Or simply rest your eyes on the lush green of the pristine Sholayar rainforest.

Here, you have the luxury of choosing to just be. Let your senses awaken to the chants of the wild: the rumble of Asia's Largest Waterfall and the busy chatter of exotic birds. Besides, at the Rainforest, going natural does not equate to being austere. Slip into the welcoming warmth of silky quilts or down a delicious drink as you lounge in your well-appointed room.

As a boutique hotel set in 7 acres of virtually virgin rainforest, we take the best care to ensure that we pamper our guests as well as the environment. For an intimate yet grandiose experience with the wild, step into the Rainforest.